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PLEASE REMOVE ALL NAILS/SCREWS FROM WALLS BUT DO NOT PATCH UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW! IF DONE INCORRECTLY, YOU WILL BE CHARGED MORE. Regular patching for a few screw holes will be a modest charge and usually does not exceed $60.


LOOK AROUND - There should be NO personal belongings left anywhere in the building. Make sure to double check that these areas are completely cleared:


___Common areas/Hallways

___Basement areas (all your detergent/laundry items too!)

___Bedroom Closets

___Attics/Storage Space & Garage


___Kitchen Cupboards (don’t forget the upper shelves!)


MAINTENANCE –These are each little things that will get charged back to you if not completed, avoid these deductions by checking each item before you leave!


___Pour Drain-O or Another Liquid Plumber Down Kitchen Sink, Bathroom Sink & Bathtub

___Batteries in CO2’s (usually AA) & Smoke Detectors Changed (usually 9volt)

___Replace all Light Bulbs that are Burnt out.

___Remove all Nails & Screws in Walls

___Unplug Your Fridge so freezer can Defrost

___Garbage Taken Out (Please note that excessive garbage is only collected by a city crew for a ​minimum of $75.00. This will be at the               expense of the tenant.)

___Furniture Removed from Property (no unwanted furniture can be left anywhere or you will be charged)

___Thermostat should be set at 60 degrees and all AC units should be turned off

___All Windows need to be closed and locked 

___Any Trash that does not fit in the regular bin for your unit, needs to be removed from the premises. There should be no furniture left behind or bags/boxes witting around trash cans. 

___Make Sure ALL Keys are Dropped off to TSSG’s Office by NOON on Move Out Day


(If you have decided to use our cleaners, you can skip this one!)


___Use a Magic Eraser to Wipe Smudges & Finger Prints off of the Outside of Fridge, Walls, Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets,

       Kitchen Cabinets, Doors/Door Frames & Light Switches

___Vacuum out Window Sills & Wash Out Remaining Dirt or Debris

___Use Glass Cleaner to Clean all Windows

___Dust all Blinds CAREFULLY (broken blinds are replaced & assessed to deposits)

___Dust any Built in AC Units, Floor or Ceiling Vents & Baseboard Heaters

___Spray Shower walls with Soap Scum Remover (like Scrubbing Bubbles or Oxy Clean)

___Scrub shower walls, tub, faucet & shower head.

___Clean Toilet Thoroughly

___Lift the Seat, Clean the Underside & Top Side of it, Bleach the Bowl & Scrub Well

___With Bleach or Clorox Wipes, Wipe the Outside, the Base of & Behind the Toilet

___Wipe inside of Medicine Cabinet & Clean Mirror with Glass Cleaner

___Wipe Area Under Bathroom Sink & Make Sure Vanity Drawers are Scrubbed out

___Spray Entire Oven with Oven Cleaner (we suggest Easy-Off)

___Scrub Oven (including the oven window, stove top, bottom drawer & control knobs)

___Clean Fan & Light Above Stove

___Scrub Fridge & Freezer Thoroughly

___Remove Drawers from Fridge & Clean Under them.

___Scrub Shelves, Inside & top of Both Doors, Top of the Fridge Interior & all Sides of the Exterior 

___Wipe or Vacuum out Kitchen Cupboards & Drawers so There are no Crumbs Left Behind

___Wipe Countertops

___Clean Dishwasher by Wiping out any Soap Scum or Food Particles

___Wipe Baseboards Around Entire House so There is no Dust or Hair Left Behind

___Sweep Kitchen, Bathroom & Other Rooms with Hardwood or Tiled Floors

___Sweep or Vacuum Behind Appliances, Behind Toilet, Inside Fire Places (even if they were not used)

​& Around the Base of Where the Kitchen Counters Meet the Floor

___Vacuum & Dust Upper Corners of Ceilings so there are no Cobwebs

___Vacuum floors with Carpet – Shampoo or use Stain Remover on any Discolored Spots

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