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Notice water where it shouldn't be? Let’s shut off that water supply.

Here’s the tools need: Adjustable wrench and WD-40

Step 1: Locate the valve

The Valve will typically be located in the basement near the water meter. Once you locate the valve you should place an I.D. tag on it for future convenience. There are 2 types of valves that you can have, the gate valve and the ball valve.

(Gate valve) (Ball valve)

Step 2: Turn off water supply

If you have a Gate valve, turn the wheel clockwise. If it is stuck, spray it with WD-40 or another lubricant and use the adjustable wrench to turn it.

If you have a ball valve, turn the lever a quarter turn, clockwise.

Congrats! You now know how to shut off your water supply. Make sure you submit a maintenance request through Portal for any leaks or pipe bursts.

If you are more of visual learner, here is a video!

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