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Let's Have Fun This Christmas Day!

Looking for a few ideas to change up the holiday? Here's a few fun things for you to do yourself or with friends and family!

1. Treat Yourself for Dinner!

Get reservations for Monello located on the ground level of Hotel Ivy! Open from 11am-7pm, reserve your 3 course meal of some of the best Italian cuisine Minneapolis has to offer. Their Christmas dinner is nothing short of incredible!

Book your reservations here!

2. Kick Off the Day with Brunch!

Along with their Christmas dinner, Kona Grill is serving up the best "Santa Approved" brunch! Take your pick of Eggs Benedict, Steak and Eggs, or decadent Macadamia Nut French Toast. Then raise a glass to good friends, family and food with a Kona-mosa or classic cocktail!

Check out their menu and reservations!

3. Stay-in and Make a Holiday Recipe!

Try out a fun new recipe for the day!

We recommend this great take on the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie from Bon Appétit! This very simple yet delicious recipe make about 16 cookies. The cookies come out absolutely perfect! Soft, chewy, and of course chocolatey!

Check out the recipe here!

From all of us here at TSSG, Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's!

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