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My Bathroom Sink won't Drain!

Water not draining in your bathroom sink or draining extremely slow? No need to fret! Here are just a few simple steps to help you get that sink draining again!

One thing to note, you should never use any kind of liquid drain cleaner like DrainO. Liquid drain cleaner can cause serious damage to your sink and pipes. In some instances, it can even burn though your pipes causing tons of additional issues.

1. Use The Plunger!

Might be odd to some, but this very simple hack might be just what you need!

1. Using a cloth or rag, plug the hole opposite of the faucet used to prevent a sink from over flowing. 2. Then take your plunger and place that directly over the sink drain. Be sure that the water in the sink covers at least half of the plunger cup.

3. Pump the plunger rapidly at least a dozen times. Repeat if necessary. Once done, remove the rag and run hot water to flush everything out!

2. Try a Drain Snake!

The most common issue for a bathroom sink being clogged is hair getting caught. Pick up a bathroom sink snake at your local hardware store. There are many different types you can use, but we suggest a wire one with a hand crank.

1. Take the end of the snake and push it down the drain, as far as it will go.

2.Turn the crank around a couple of times to really grab onto things.

3.Slowly start to pull the snake back up cranking it every so often. As you pull it up, you should see what's causing the clog come up. Repeat a few times till everything is out. Throw away whatever is causing the clog and run hot water down your sink to make sure everything clears out!

Hope these few tips get things on the right track again for you! If you are a current tenant of ours and issues are still persisting, be sure to submit a maintenance request and out team can be out to get things taken care of for you!

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